Terms and Condition


The following sets out the terms and conditions under which you may use the content on www.     browser site services owned by Fundatia "Vis de Copil", all the services here will be referred to as Fundatia "Vis de Copil".

Content ownership

1. All Content created and published on the digital platforms under the Fundatia "Vis de Copil" browser site, applications,  its licensors who own all intellectual property rights. No intellectual property rights in any of the content are transferred to you while you consume the content on this platform. You do not have the permission to use the content on this platform without the permission of the service.

2. You do not have permission to use any advertising / sponsorship / external URL/ photo made by the foundation for any commercial purpose without our permission.


Terms and condition are published on 15 April 2019 and have immediate effect.

Stored Data

You data will be stored just for the purpose of transmitting news from our blog and to reply to your questions.