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Welcome to Daniela

In February Daniela began work at the day center to work with the children. She is

replacing Irina’s position but will be focusing on work with the children.

Daniela has trained in preschool and early education at the local University “Auriel Vlaicu” in Arad. She has previously worked in two local Kindergartens as well as working as a babysitter. In her spare time, Daniela enjoys walking, painting, and singing.

“My name is Daniela. For a month now I have been working at ‘Vis de Copil’ and have had the opportunity to share, smiles, hugs and to help all the children here who do not have these things. I’m glad they can be supported to have a chance at a better life”
I am pleased to already see the progress everyday from the children and the appreciation they show me. I am proud of every child and their progress and happy to work in a special place prepared by God for me.”

We wish Daniela all the best in this work and hope that her role will grow as she settles into the work at the center.

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