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Thanks to the Human Race

"The human race runs better together". This is the philosophy of the fundraising event "The Human Race Virtual 5k" organized by Myles Schanck in support of Vis de Copil. As the name implies the 5 kilometre race was "run" online, the course was determined by the entrants and the entrance fee donated to support the charity. A great incentive to get some exercise and support the charity.

The race was just one part of the event. The race became a community as supporters posted inspirational and educational videos. Businesses that had been struggling because of the virus offered to help and provide giveaway prizes. While the producers of the film "Runner" donated a percentage of the ticket price towards the event.

Myles volunteered at the Vis de Copil day center ("The Secret Garden") in 2010 and has stayed in touch with the staff even since. Myles and his family have helped with the charity over the years, however because of the impact of the coronavirus he wanted to do a special fundraiser. The race ran from June 19th until July 29th.

We are indebted to Myles Schanck and his team for their incredible fund - raising efforts on behalf of "Vis de Copil" (A Child's Dream). So many people and small businesses have helped this project and on behalf of all the street children and families who use our centre we wish to express our deepest appreciation to each and every one of them.

We are very grateful for all the help from Myles and his team, we are also grateful to be part of a movement that in no matter what the circumstances we want to continue to help people. Myles in his update on the race expresses this sentiment perfectly.

"that same unifying theme, that people want to help and I truly believe that people inherently want to help and that they just need someone to help to motivate them to do that or reason to do that."

We would like to the thank the following people and businesses who helped make this happen

Adirondack Riverwalking & Forest Bathing

Asian Kitchen

Baya Bar

Bokie's Drive In

Chad Hansen

Chris Walsh

Date in a Boxx

Dawson Knox

Different Mindset LLC

Fit 24hr Fitness

Forty32 Animal Hospital

God's Fingerprints

Green Lemon

Hollow Tree Honey

J Scott Rakozy

Jordan Kav

Lucky Maxie Bee

Malone Golf Club

Matt Costa Music

Nori's Village Market

Pete and Elda's / Carmens' Pizza

Rebecca Dussault


Seven Brothers

The British Hamper Company

The Pines Tap & Table

Tour De Pizza

Tweter Visuals

Uname it Custom

Wild Flora Provisions

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